We are so pumped about the Amazing 2016 Chopped Academy Speakers. As we’ve discussed in so many episodes of the Chopped Podcast, getting together with an interacting with different people at food blog conferences is such an important part of your growth as a food blogger. The beautiful thing about a conference like Chopped, is the speakers are right there with you. You’ll have lots of great opportunities to interact with them!

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There are tried and true techniques to take your food blog to the next level. For example, attending a food blogging conference is a turning point for a lot of bloggers. The trick is, finding the right food blogging conference, because they’re not all equal. And to add to that, your needs may be different from others.

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We’re excited that the 2016 Chopped Academy Speakers will be sharing about ways you can grow your food blog.

Check out the amazing 2016 Chopped Academy Speakers!

2016 Chopped Academy Speakers

We are excited to share with you some amazing 2016 Chopped Academy Speakers. It’s definitely a star-studded lineup that you won’t want to miss.

Jessica Merchant is on the Chopped Podcast talking about Maintaining a Passion for your blog

Here are a few of them:

Jessica Merchant — Learn about maintaining authenticity as a food blogger. It’s not always easy, as we’re surrounded by thousands of other food bloggers daily. You can take on voice creep — where other’s style of writing starts to edge into your own. Jessica’s presentation will a beacon for us all.

Emma Chapman, of the site A Beautiful Mess, is on the Chopped Podcast talking about Building a Multi-Purpose Blog. She will also be speaking at the 2016 Chopped Conference

Emma Chapman — Emma will be talking about ways to monetize your food blog. If you love food blogging, learning how to monetize it is crucial. Emma will share how it has worked for the team at A Beautiful Mess.

Lenny Ferreira — Video is king right now, and so who better than Lenny, the king of video, to be talking at ChoppedCon! Learn about about the latest video trends, how to add video work with brands, and how video is used on social media and more.

Ali Ebright of Gimme Some Oven is a guest on the Chopped Podcast

Ali Ebright — will be be speaking about Navigating the Unpredictable Ups-and-downs of Business. She’ll also share about dealing with comparison (it’s a devastating disease for bloggers), avoiding burn-out (we could easily work 24/7 and still be behind), and tips for loving your blog.

Amber Bracegirdle — Most people begin blogging with a passion for sharing their thoughts and/or recipes, but understanding how to grow your audience requires some knowledge of SEO. Amber is an SEO expert and will be sharing about SEO hacks for food bloggers.

Social Media Panel — Our morning panel will be talking about getting on the Social Media Live bandwagon. Panel members will include Bev Weidner, Monique Volz, Kristen Doyle, and Phi Kelnhofer, and will be moderated by Lynn Lovejoy of Order in the Kitchen. They’ll be talking about the ways you can use live social media — like SnapChat, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Live — to personalize your brand, reach a larger audience, and get more connected with your audience.

Working with Brands Panel — Our afternoon panel will include Lauren Grier, Cara Ansis, Hana Bieliauskas, and Mairead Dunphy of Stonyfield. They’ll be getting real about how food bloggers and brands can work together.

Cara Ansis — Cara is the creative genius behind the site Fork and Beans and she’s going to be wrapping up the day talking about self reflection for bloggers and how to tap into our creative souls every day.

We’re also pleased to announce Co-Hosts for the 2016 Chopped Conference, Lauren Grier, Cara Ansis, and Phi Kelnhofer. You’ll love the special touches they’ve added to this year’s conference!

Each of us is looking forward to welcoming you to the 2016 Chopped Conference!

This post was adapted by the one originally published about ChoppedCon on Namely Marly